Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday Morning blues....

Everyone has trails to tell about Monday Morning Mishaps in their life. So do I. This goes back to my engineering days when monday mornings always meant a day of getting up late by mistake (then give excuses that alarm didn't go off ), unfinished journals, some forgotten test in college and even more forgotten topics covered in classes which were attended intermittently and heavily depending on mood of the day, movie currently running in theatres and several other itinery plans. So first thing when we reached college was to decide whether to enter the classroom or not. This was a real predicament as it depends on the no. of students turned up, what was being taught and last but not the least who was the professor. With heavy hearts (& minds) we used to dash in the classrooms only count, who is present and who is not so that, we attendees can vie with each other for marking a proxy for the luckier mortals. And sometimes in this war, with no results out, both the contestants would yell for a single person! That would result in the end of the proxy war till the time the professor would forget about such trivial issues in next few lectures.
Sometimes these mondays would shape up for no less than a war like situation. Practicals were attended but journals would reflect a date some couple of weeks back. This would be tricky situation to come out harmless out of a lion's cage.
Later during the last year of graduation, we thought we mastered to control the situation only to find it grown even more grave over the last 3 years.
Final year means the most important, not so relaxed year of the graduation with project and exams and practicals and submissions. All the mondays during final year were disastrous, full of mishaps. I, being first in rollcall, had the entire project group dragged in the 1st position for all project related activities like viva, practicals, journal submissions. I received the flak of my life from my friends to have a name starting with 'A'. What??!! Anyway, so after a joyous, merry making and oblivious Sunday, we used to remember all the assigned and incomplete work on monday morning only to find no printer in working condition, no other journals complete to even copy the content in our own, no photocopy, printing machine shop open so early in morning to match with our college time and not a single person who has the complete idea of the entire situation! Hell!!!!
Then our entire group used to run helter skelter in all possible directions to get hold of all possible resources to get the damn work complete within the time. Sometimes we failed, sometimes we run over the schedule and sometimes we did managed it pretty well. But in the end of the whole saga filled with fears and tears, we came out triumphed and succeeded to find our own path to walk with all the wonderful memories for the lifetime. But hey, even if this college journey has ended, the monday morning mishaps continue to haunt me till date in its different form of meetings, tasks and so on, only the scene now resembles to something like a workplace! :)