Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Light a hope

Its just been such a long time I dropped in any message here. Not that I didn't want to. Somehow it just was not the right time. Or may be aboslutely nothing was on my mind to write about. Been through lot of tough times. Bouts of depressions, some vims of energy and some fancies of romances and back to the sane state. Well, life still looks and seems inviting to me. And why not? I've so many beautiful people in my life to make it worth for every minute that I spend with them. Festive seasons are over. But the mood to celebrate still lurks on. The colorful lamps and rows of lights are still hanging on to the walls; meekly spreading their light with the onset of the dawn. It still instills the hope and happiness of a better future and gives a reason to smile. A reason to live. So I refuse to take them off the walls. I refuse to put them away in the attic to accululate the dust on them and wait till the next time I can take them out. This made me thinking. Do I really need a reason to stop the celebration of life? May be its time I brush this dust of negative feeling off my heart and soul. Let their spirits lift the mood and sparkle every living soul of life, rain or shine!

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