Monday, August 24, 2009

Of seasons and Celebrations!!

I have always loved celebrating all our festivals. I so look forward to this season of the year when slowly the monsoon starts playing hide and seek and in its last lap to drench us in its unexpected showers. Then one by one all festivals starts coming round the corner of every month. Indian festivals are full of celebrations and equally full with its full swing preparations even before they actually begin. The season marks the first prominent and fervourly celebrated occassion of Ganesh Chaturthi in the entire state. I specially like this festival not just beacuse I worship this God but this is truly the festival of colors of life. I love to see beautifully carved and crafted idols of Lord Ganesha in all shapes and sizes and even more creatively done pendals and stage set up for it. They're larger than life.
I have vast fond memories of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with my family ever since I was a kid. The beautiful Ganesh idol would be adorned in our home for a weeklong celebration. And not to forget the "modaks" specially made for this Lord which were devoured every now and then much to my delight. So speaking of this festival, I was taking a walk down the road on Sunday evening when every nook and corner of my vicinity was getting ready to welcome this God in beatifully decorated pendals and this brought back all the fond memories of celebrating Ganesh festival. Till few years back, in my hometown I used to be a member of volunteers who will be taking care of all celebrations for 10 days long festival. We used to put our heart and soul in taking care of all minute details and making sure "our committee" would leave no stone unturned in its course of celebrations.
All in all, Lord Ganesha is a symbol of prosperity and destroyer of evil from this world. Its the most auspicious day to mark the beginning of any good and significant work. Its our faith and lets pray this season Lord Ganesha will destroy the evil from our life and will bestow its blessings on us with peace, prosperity and happiness.
Like I said I gorge on Modaks, I hunted all the sweet shops in my locality for them. And trust me it was total bliss when they finally made way to my tummy!! :D

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