Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When i was born...

Everyone has a tale to tell about their birth. So do I. Read on to find out how I was born...

I was born on a rather slow tuesday morning out of total boredom of my owner. The usual dull not so appealing surrounding was even more listlesswhen it started raining outside. Its when while browsing through so many look alikes of mine that my owner thought of creating something of its own amidst these findings. I must admit, it was rather painstaking efforts on part of my owner to find a good name for me. Many concerns, queries rose. It was even thought of changing my abode but finally after much dawdling and few furtive attempts, I was finally named as "One Fine Tuesday". I thank my owner for naming me convincingly by the day I am born, i.e. tuesday of course.
So here I begin my journey full of laughter and sorrows, love and happiness, fun and friends. I welcome one and all who ever wish to join me in my world. Welcome aboard :)

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