Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tweets n twists!!

Yes, I know everybody around me is tweeting day and night. Although I hate tweeting, more because I don't know how to use it or may be because I simply dont care what to tweet about everyday. But whatever may be the reason, I humbly admit that yes I did open an account on Twitter and even follow some known friends in this tweeting land but I no longer go to visit any tweets. But otherwise I am an active user on Facebook. Today I was reading ET news paper and could not believe on this piece of news that appeared about tweets and the twitters and the side effects of social networking. Obviously it was enough to catch my attention. People are simply going nuts over this whole tweety and Facebook things. According to the study done by few researchers, people keep on tweeting about their holidays and plans for vacations and this is leading to increase in number of robberies in homes in UK! Wow..i didnt see that coming while tweeting.
But this is my plain observations, over the last few years more n more people are getting addicted to social networking sites. That includes not just adults but teenagers, kids and just about anyone who ever knows how to use an internet. That includes my cousins n nieces n nephews whom I have seen while their crawling days and now suddenly are big enough to discuss their boyfriends and crushes on facebook! And its not just about posting messages, just for the sake of tweeting or a status message people will post any damn messages out there. For example, after my lunch in office hours, i post 'what a tummy filling lunch' and around 10 people will like my status message within an hours time. What??! Ok may be i am just day dreaming.
But on a serious note, these tweets may even land someone in jail for any obscene messages or any controversial comments. Not to forget Shashi Tharoor episode. The Cyber Laws Act has been changed, which now includes any harmful tweets and posts published are now considered as offences and liable for court trials. The cyber laws too are changing with the new age technology. With the internet world changing at dynamic rate, there is a need to ammend the existing cyber laws to match the speed and intelligence of crimes happening in cyber world. In the twitter world, late Jyoti Basu died 48 hours before news of his actual death was out in media, Johnny Depp is out there (in hiding) in real world but in tweet land he is dead! The screenshots of such messages or printouts can now be used as evidences in court proceedings.
The most interesting and ridiculous thing at the same time that I found in the article is that, posting any tweets or status messages are even causing divorces all over the world! Now thats paying too much of a price for a tweet.
Theres even a professional downside to it. Nowadays, any organization before hiring employees are even checking their profiles for a clean chit on social networking sites like Orkut, facebook and Linkedin. This may just give them a complete informal background about future employees. You definitely do not want to get caught in uncanny situations with your employers.
So all you tweeples and facebook and orkut users, happy social networking! Just keep in mind someone is definitely watching you for all ur tweets and hope they will not cause any disastrous twists in your life!