Monday, February 15, 2010

Where are we heading?

Another city. Another bomb blast. Few more people killed. And a few more controversies for the rest of the country to churn out over the next few days or weeks. My heart goes out to blast victims and their relatives. So many innocent lives have gone, their families have shattered but theres nothing much they can do than to sit and mourn over their beloved family member's dead bodies. While the Government of India is busy dealing with paltry issues like whether or not to include Pakistani cricketers in IPL, whether to release My Name Is Khan in Mumbai and many other issues where common man like you and me are not even bothered about them anymore.
It always amazes me how the stories and news of Intelliegnce Agencies always come out in public after any blast. Take a case of 26/11. So many stories came out months after the attack. A certain Headly travelled lengths and breadths of India only before US can trap him. But too late. The damage was already done. Still we have not learnt our lessons. Thats why there was a room for Pune blast and who knows many more in future. The way the terrorism is getting handled by our Government; its not long when there is no place which we can call safe. I think its already the time when our life has become so uncertain with each moment. We dont know when the tragedy will strike. Till the time its not someone from our own family, we may never rebel, we may never seek justice. But again its our Government who has to give us justice. All we have been doing from the days of Operation Blue Star, Kargil, 9/11, Iraq war is just talk, talk and more talks with our so called peace making neighbour Pakistan. Kashmir issue has been chewed on for more than it can take. I doubt if other powerful countries (read US) intervening in Peace talks are even bothered by the apathy of the people and the atrocities happening there. Little does our Government. Its time to call a spade a spade. Had this been done by our forces long back, probably this situation would have never arised. You've long crossed patience and tolerence level of people in India.
But when I look around I'm even more appaled by the stand of Government in these sensitive issues. They are more interested in listening to politician's quotes and misquoting them in media for their own benefit. Not just politicians, sports persons, bollywood actors, businessmen are equally embroiled and marred in controversies. Ask Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Ambani or Shah Rukh Khan. Our politicians are busy following Rahul Gandhi and his itinery in Mumbai locals, publicity hungry Shiv Sainiks creating havoc on any and every statements of opposite party leaders that includes everyone whoever is not in Shiv Sena. The entire My Name Is Khan controversy has nothing to offer than both the parties gaining huge coverage in newspapers and giving some fodder to every journos and various news channels for next few days. Anyone can come on a news channel, give their opinion and go back smiling for getting footage of an hour on a television. Police force which is always busy guarding these shameless politicians who for making publics life hell are enjoying all the luxuries and amenities in the world, are all wasted resources. While they were guarding audiences and theatres from shiv sena menace, terrorist had time of their life planting bombs in Pune. I wonder how Sena strategically chose to keep silent on blast issues this time. Their stupid antics are costing country so many lives.
Not just this, my blood boils even more when government is making every day life difficult with prices of food which is a basic amenity, are rising sky highs. The farmers are still attempting suiside. Every day. But no ones listening.
I would rather prefer living in era when British ruled our country. They were far and few but at least disciplined us. The progress done in that era is stupendous compared to developement in last sixty years post independence. Call it a developement in terms of population increase, illliteracy, unemployment and creating war like situations. Though I agree terrorism is a global issue and not just a concern of India but what about the progress of a country? It leaves me with a question where are we heading anyway? May be Goverment has a better answer.

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  1. very guarantee as to when and where a next one can might be next month or an year later ..but its going to..thats what the trend says..and the word is shameless for them ...thats true either..